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RC Panther Airsoft Tank

When Nazi Germany entered the Second World War they had superior tanks to most of the nations they waged war against. France and Britain had some tank models that compared but the German tank tactics were superior and in general their tanks were too.

The Germans had perfected the use of combined tank, infantry and air assaults with their Blitzkreig (Lightning War) attacks through France and Poland but little by little the Allied forces were bringing new tanks into battle. Germany ran into real trouble when the Soviet Union produced the T-34 in massive numbers. Germany needed an answer to this threat in the form of a medium/heavy tank and the Panther was born.

Also known as the Mark V (five) Panzer the Panther was designed to replace the ageing Panzer III and Panzer IV. These tanks had done well against old French and British tanks but they were no match at all for the vastly superior (speed, armor and main gun)Russian T-34.

Introduced in 1943 the Panther was a match for all current Allied tanks. Actually the Allies had to introduce the M26 Pershing and Russian IS-2 to compete with it. The main problem was that when the Panther was introduced Germany was already losing the war on all fronts. The Panther (a great tank) just never had a chance to shine.

The Panther had a crew of 5 and sported a 75mm powerful main gun and 2 x 7.92mm machine guns as backup. Not a lightweight the Panther weighed in at just under 45 tonnes.

airsoft panther tank

Now you can own you very own airsoft remote German Panther in this cool airsoft tank replica. It's a 1/16th scale copy with a gun range of up to 75ft. There are realistic engine noises and smokes effects and the turret even rotates up to 320 degrees. This lovely replica is 21 inches long and 9 inches wide and 8 inches tall so it's hardly small!


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